Hummingbirds fly in a wind-and-rain tunnel

Why Evolution Is True

This video, posted on the Diply site, shows what happens when some curious scientists put hummingbirds (trained to take nectar from a feeder) into a wind tunnel and blasted them with winds or pelted them with water. It’s no surprise that they compensate for wind gusts and keep finding, but you must see what they do when they get drenched. First, the background from the site:

However, their weight is ultimately that of less than a nickel. They are very light, making their ability to stay upright in midair seemingly all the more difficult.

Add some wind and rain to that equation and what happens?

That’s the question Robert Dudley, Professor of Biology, and Victor M. Ortega, Post-Doctoral Researcher, asked back in 2010.

How does a hummingbird do it?

In order to find their answer, they decided to place hummingbirds in a wind tunnel at the UC Berkley Animal…

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