Unknown flies

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

Outside my office I have a stupendous poster of the fly tree of life, showing the evolutionary relationships of the world’s flies, along with some lovely photographs. (You can download the poster from here.) This tree was produced to accompany a scientific article from 2011 describing the evolution of flies, which Jerry covered here.

When I have an idle moment, I like to inspect the tree for odd flies that I don’t know about and then find out about them. Which is how I came to be mooching around the web looking for the Ctenostylidae, which turn out to be a particularly weird group of 14 species about which very little is known. Here’s one (a male Sinolochmostylia sinica from China, taken from here):

Why are they weird? Well they have

  • No ocelli (most insects have three small eyes (‘ocelli’ in Italian) on the…

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