Slo-mo tongues

Why Evolution Is True

Here are three different tongues, each with a different anatomy and each operating in a different way to bring in food.

First, one of the fastest bits of animal anatomy I know of: the chameleon’s tongue (from Amy Carparelli via Heather Hastie): 0.07 seconds from mouth to prey! This is in fact the colorful Panther Chamelon (Furcifer pardalis) from Madagascar, whose males (there’s sexual dimorphism) can be incredibly colorful.

And, for grins, the tongue of one of the world’s most beautiful birds, the rainbow lorikeet of Australia (Trichoglossus moluccanus). Note also the slow-motion poop, clearly a source of great amusement for the filmmakers.

Lapping cats do it differently, pulling up a column of liquid with its tongue (also using the protuberances for adhesion), and then snapping off part of the column with its mouth. Note the scientists’ experiment and then their prediction: larger cats should lap more slowly:

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