The aliens have landed, and they are in Madagascar

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

Regular readers will know that Jerry doesn’t do or get Tw*tter, even though a number of his posts originate from there. This is a case in point – I have been following an expedition to Madagascar that has been looking for ants in the rainforest, and has been tweeting their experiences via Brian Fisher (aka @ant_explorer). Earlier today Brian retw**ted this tw**t from fellow expedition member @HikingHack (aka Andrew Quitmeyer):

This was the craziest damn thing I saw all trip! Found near summit w @openPlusea + @ant_explorer. It’s a plant??

Andrew also posted this cool video:

Andrew assumes it’s a bit of a plant, but what could it be? A bract?

I really think it’s an alien. If you peer closely at that green bit, a face-hugger will come whishing out and that’s you done for, bub.

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