Australian study: homeopathy is worthless

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s  some news that is not surprising—it’s of the “dog bites man” variety. But it’s still worth highlighting because it shows the persistence of faith-based woo in our world: not woo of the religious variety, but still woo that is based on faith (i.e., belief without evidence). Indeed, the evidence for the phenomenon at issue—homeopathic medicine—is nonexistent. That is, homeopathy doesn’t work.

I presume most of you know what homeopathy is: a form of treatment that relies on a reverse kind of psychology: if something gives a healthy person certain symptoms, then to cure a sick person with those symptoms, you simply give them the substance that makes a healthy person symptomatic. If ground up toad-skin gives you a fever, for instance, than to cure someone of a fever you give them ground-up toadskin. Not only that, but you give it in such a dilute solution that not a single molecule of…

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