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Why Evolution Is True

H is for Hawk, a new memoir by Helen Macdonald,  came to my attention through a hugely favorable review in yesterday’s New York Times. Although it hasn’t quite been released in the U.S.—it comes out on March 3, published by Grove Press, but has been out in England for a while—it’s already #39 on Amazon, has received starred reviews by Kirkus and Booklist, and is destined to be a big bestseller. The good thing is that it’s largely about natural history: a woman who, traumatized by her father’s sudden death, finds respite in training a goshawk to hunt. From the Times review:

Helen Macdonald’s beautiful and nearly feral book, “H Is for Hawk,” her first published in the United States, reminds us that excellent nature writing can lay bare some of the intimacies of the wild world as well. Her book is so good that, at times…

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