Superb owls

Why Evolution Is True

Let’s end today’s hijinks with everyone’s favorite bird, the owl, which was coopted during the SuperBowl into the meme SuperbOwl, which is far more appealing. Matthew sent me a tw**t from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service showing this photo, which looks for all the world like a group of owl fans cheering on their team:

215bo1 Photo Credit: Katie McVey/USFWS

They are, in fact, young burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia), and they’re in an artificial burrow: a five-gallon bucket buried and connected to the surface with a breathing pipe. It’s a way to save this endangered species whose habitat is declining.

If you go to the USFWS website, you’ll see a bit more about how the picture was taken (by Katie McVey, doing her graduate research) and how the owls are given artificial burrows. The short post also includes this hilarious picture of the chicks either being banded or being…

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