Gorgeous owl photos: can you name the species?

Why Evolution Is True

Owls, of course, are Honorary Cats™, as they are the most feline of birds. The latest issue of Audubon magazine has a nice article highlighting the owl pictures of photographer Brad Wilson (you must go to his webpage and see his other animal photos!). From the article:

Wilson is an expert at point-blank portraits. His series “Affinity” features 65 species, including a white rhino, a white tiger, an Arctic fox, and an Egyptian Vulture. But owls were the most compelling and challenging subjects, he says. It takes years of building mutual trust before an owl will accept physical contact from a single person, says Wilson, and “owls don’t extend that privilege to other humans.”

Wilson wanted his images to accentuate the nobility and independence of each captive bird, minimizing its dependence on its caretaker. Many had wing injuries, for example, which he concealed in his pictures. The owls’ human…

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