Another fantastic mantid

Why Evolution Is True

I am so glad that biologist Piotr Naskrecki gave me permission to post up his copyrighted photos without asking permission, because he takes some great pictures, and always tells us about the relevant biology. I’ve featured his work several times before (see this post on the cat mantis, for instance), but he just posted a picture on Facebook that stopped me in my tracks. It’s the praying mantis Idolomorpha dentifrons, and is featured in a post from August, 2013 on his biology-and-photography website The Smaller Majority.

First, the photo (all captions are Piotr’s), taken in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park:

10603272_940617899282784_6370430412342660032_n Male empusid (I. dentifrons) cleaning his pectinate antennae.

And a long photo, described thusly:

Earlier this year I ran across a gorgeous male specimen of Idolomorpha dentifrons on the Cheringoma Plateau of Gorongosa, but had troubles photographing it in a way that would properly convey its incredibly elongate morphology…

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