More Egnorance: IDers lie for Jesus again

Why Evolution Is True

Michael Egnor is a regular fixture at the Discovery Institute’s website, Evolution News and Views.  I usually ignore their many attacks on me because Egnor and his pals are a pack of lightweights devoted to promoting God by attacking evolution, and I don’t want to give creationist loons a platform.  But there are two posts I want to highlight because they how far these IDers can twist the truth in the service of attacking evolutionists (and, of course, promoting Jesus or, in Klinghoffer’s case, Yahweh). Many of us know this already, but forgive me for flogging a moribund horse.

When I visited Kentucky a short while ago, I sought out and was photographed at the grave of John T. Scopes, the defendant in the famous “Monkey Trial” held in Dayton, Tennessee in the summer of 1925.  Scopes, the high-school football coach and substitute science teacher, was convicted of…

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