Dead whale explodes

Why Evolution Is True

Warning: GROSS! Do not watch if you can’t take an exploding whale spewing its guts everywhere. (You’ll watch anyway)

I pondered long and hard about putting this up, but decided to because it shows not only the internal organs of a sperm whale, but the tremendous gas pressure that builds up inside a dead cetacean (there are in fact several videos of exploding whales on YouTube). But don’t think this one was killed; according to the notes, it was a washed-up whale that died of “natural causes”:

Sperm Whale explodes in the Faroe Islands while a man is trying to open his stomach. Sperm Whales are not killed in the Faroe Islands, this one died from natural causes..
This footage was originally shot by the Faroese national television.

Now I’m not sure why the guy was trying to open his stomach, unless they were trying to get ambergris or…

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