A murmuration of hunted starlings

Why Evolution Is True

I really need to see the six-part BBC series Earthflight, which I gather has been picked up by PBS in the U.S. The show uses a variety of methods to photograph birds in flight, and some video clips I’ve seen (a sample is here) are stunning. Here’s one.

We’ve seen roosting flocks of starlings before, moving in great artistic waves in the twilight, but here’s one being pursued (in vain) by a peregrine falcon.  The narrator says that the synchronous movement of big groups results from each bird cueing on seven of its neighbors, something I hadn’t known, and have no idea how it was discovered. Regardless, this is one of nature’s most amazing spectacles.

One of the producers, John Downer, has a selection of 49 great animal videos on his YouTube channel.

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