The amazing robber fly

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

While I was asleep, my Tw**ps were chatting about robber flies. So I woke up to these great pictures. Robber flies – technically the family Asilidae – are strong and agile predators that as adults feed on other insects, sometimes much larger than themselves, catching them in the air. The result of such a chase is shown in this fantastic  photo by Sarah J. Semmler (@SarahSyrphid), showing a robber fly that had just grabbed a meadowhawk dragonfly:


What a fantastic photo! Sarah also tw**ted this photo of a robber fly by Seth Patterson from Bugguide, pointing out the well-developed ‘claws’ on the end of the tarsi, and the spines all over the legs which would make it easier to grab prey in the air.

Robber Fly - Efferia albibarbis - male

They will eat anything, including stuff much smaller than themselves, as seen in this photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim of a Pegesimallus fly…

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