Teen exorcists!

Why Evolution Is True

I believe I’ve mentioned the Teen Exorcists before, but if you missed it, you’re missing some real LOLs.  The sad thing, though, is that this isn’t meant to be a joke.

Meet the trio of Brynne Larson and sisters Tess and Savannah Scherkenback:


As the BBC reports:

[They] are all-American girls from Arizona, who enjoy martial arts and horse riding. But something sets them apart from most teenagers – they perform public exorcisms and often appear on TV chat shows.

Eighteen-year-old Brynne met sisters Tess and Savannah about eight years ago at a karate class.

“We just really hit it off,” says Savannah, aged 21. “I don’t know what happens but somehow you bond when you’re punching one another and throwing knees. We were working out together, learning how to fight and how to defend ourselves and defend others.”

They are now karate black belts, but because of their particular…

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