Mozambique Diary: The Cat mantis

The Smaller Majority

Arriving in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique at this time of the year, when the grasslands are bone dry and green has all but disappeared from the color palette of this immense ecosystem, I did not expect to see too many insects. Sure, there will always be ants and a bunch of grasshoppers, but the bulk of the insect fauna pretty much disappears until the onset of rains in November. The nights are quite cold when the atmosphere is devoid of the buffering layer of humidity and consequently few insects are active around the lights of the camp. But those that do come are often stunning. Some of the first animals that I spotted when I resumed my nightly patrols around the lights of the Chitengo camp were huge praying mantids Heterochaeta orientalis, whose head morphology immediately brought to my mind a scrawny, long-eared house cat, and that’s what…

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