Penn Jillette: what he reads and how

Why Evolution Is True

I just know you’ve been asking yourself, “I wonder what Penn Jillette is reading right now?” It should be interesting stuff, for he’s a famous magician, atheist, libertarian, and generally outspoken and intriguing guy.

Well, maybe that question hasn’t crossed your mind, but it did occur to the people at the books section of the New York Times, who, a week ago, conducted a “By the Book” interview with Jillette. I won’t spoil all of it for you (hint: he likes to read in en déshabillé), and it’s longish, but here’s a few tidbits to whet your appetite. These are the gossip-y rather than the literary bits.

What are your reading habits? Do you stick with electronic everywhere? Do you take notes? Do you snack while you read?  

Besides the bathtub and rehearsals, I also like to read in coffee shops (I read anywhere I’d…

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