A classic battle: man versus goose

Why Evolution Is True

It’s Friday, so don’t expect any more intellectual depth today. Matthew Cobb and I are apparently both in an end-of-the-week mood: he keeps sending me animal photos and videos, and I keep posting them. In this one, a businessman gets into a fracas with a Canada goose (Branta canadensis).  I don’t know why the goose is so peeved—perhaps it has a nest nearby?—but it clearly has an animus against the man, and winds up pwning him.

The guy could have restrained himself from trying to strike the goose with a rolled-up paper, for really, how much damage can an affronted goose do?

The person who posted this on Twitter, John R. Hutchinson, calls this a “draw”, but I call it a wings-down victory for goosedom.

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I am a lawyer in Chicago with interests in pop culture and current politics.
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