The Megatooth Shark: Megalodon

The Contemplative Mammoth

I’m at the Ecological Society of America meetings this week, so invited grad students Meghan Balk and Catalina Pimiento to write a guest post to coincide with Shark Week. Little did I know that this post would be so timely, with Discovery’s disastrous fake documentary on Megalodon! I hope you enjoy reading about these very-much-extinct apex predators as much as I did. 

By Meghan Balk and Catalina Pimiento

We’ve all seen the clips on Shark Week about the biggest shark that ever lived, Megalodon, which was ~3 times the length of the great white shark, and ~10 times the mass. But, how much do we really know about this extinct, mysterious creature? What exactly did it eat? Where did it live? Why did it go extinct? These are questions that we have been trying to tackle.

When did the shark live? Records of the shark are from about the middle Miocene to…

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