Canadian skunk gets head stuck in Tim Hortons cup; rescued by kindly cameraman

Why Evolution Is True

Pity the beast didn’t go for a regular coffee and a dutchie.  According to CBC news, which has a great video on its site (I can’t embed it), a coffee-loving skunk got his head caught in a plastic cup of iced cappuccino from Tim Horton’s in Toronto.  The story:

A Toronto skunk was found wandering in traffic with a Tim Hortons Iced Capp cup early Tuesday.

Tony Smyth, CBC Toronto’s overnight videographer, was on Don Mills Road at Highway 401 when he spotted the skunk wandering in and out of traffic with the empty ‘Iced Capp’ container on its head.

“He was trying to get it off with his little paws and bumping off the curbs,” Smyth said. “Obviously, he couldn’t see a thing.”

A City TV cameraman, Bert Dandy, walked up to the skunk and pulled the cup off. The animal ran into the bush.

“You see the…

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