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2012 was a year in which supporters of public education–parents, educators and concerned citizens–won some huge victories against the privatization movement.

Let’s begin with the elections of 2012.

Reform idol Tony Bennett was booted out by the voters of Indiana, who elected veteran educator Glenda Ritz as State Superintendent of Education.

Idaho was a great victory for supporters of public education. Idaho voters decisively repealed the Luna laws, which would have committed the state to spend $180 million for laptops while imposing merit pay, crushing the unions and tying every educators’ evaluation to test scores.

Voters in Florida rejected an effort to amend the state constitution to permit vouchers.

Voters in Bridgeport, Connecticut, voted against the mayor’s effort to take control of their public schools by eliminating the elected board of education.

Voters in Santa Clara County, California, re-elected Anna Song, whose opponent outspent her by about…

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