Why Evolution Is True

I’ve discovered another superb photographer of arthropods: Melvyn Yeo, who has some amazing photos on his site. He calls himself a “just a hobbyist,” but, as you’ll see below, he’s selling himself way short. I’ll put up just three of his spider pictures to show you:

This one, Gasteracantha arcuata, has extreme sexual dimorphism: in this case females are large and ornamented, while males are drab and much smaller. Female above, male below (more information here):



This crab spider imitates mimics a bird dropping (for more pictures and information go here):

And here’s a harvestman, with Yeo’s photo passed on by Bug Girl, who said on Twitter:

It’s not just scorpions that fluoresce under black light! Harvest men (daddy-longlegs or Opiliones) also glow.

Remember that although harvestmen are arachids (that’s a class), they’re not spiders, for they’re in the order Opiliones, while “true” spiders…

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