The Contemplative Mammoth

Paleoecology has really blossomed as a field in the last decades, due in large part to increasing concerns about climate and the environment. It’s always been a strong, dynamic field, going back almost a century ago if you start with the very first modern pollen analyst, von Post, but recently folks in other kinds of disciplines have started paying attention to the past. Want to know how fast trees can migrate to keep up with climate change? Interested in what the best restoration baseline is for your reserve? Want to know what happens when you drastically change the amount of rainfall an area receives? Paleoecology is a good place to start.

As we face the environmental challenges of the Anthropocene, paleoecology will likely be called upon more than ever, which means it’s a good time for the community to assess the state of the field. Cue Palaeo50 (spelled the…

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I am a lawyer in Chicago with interests in pop culture and current politics.
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