Why Evolution Is True

There are a million mysteries in the Naked City of Biology, and some of them get solved. This is one of them, taken from the Japanese culture site Spoon & Tamago. It’s described in the post “The deep sea mystery circle—a love story

Several decades ago, a Japanese “salary man” named Yoji Ookata quit his office job to pursue his real love—underwater photography.  Recently, diving 80 feet down off the island of Amami Oshima (one of the Amami islands between Japan and Taiwan), Ookata saw something that nobody had ever seen before. It was a large, radially symmetrical pattern in the sand, and looked like this (note underwater camera for scale):

The site describes this bizarre structure:

On the seabed a geometric, circular structure measuring roughly 6.5 ft in diameter had been precisely carved from sand. It consisted of multiple ridges, symmetrically jutting out from the center…

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