Why Evolution Is True

Sexual selection, which is a subset of natural selection, is defined as “selection based on mate choice.”  It usually, but not always, takes the form of males competing for access to females, and results in the development of either armaments in males that help them compete in the battle for mates (antlers on deer, horns on stag beetles, etc.), or bright plumage, coloration, adornments, calls, or behaviors of males that catch the fancy of females (the bowers of bowerbirds, the plumage, colors, and strange behaviors of the New Guinea birds of paradise, the songs of male frogs, etc.).  We understand the competition scenario more than the “female preference” scenario, for it’s hard to figure out why females would prefer one plumage or adornment rather than another.

Nevertheless, the signs of sexual selection of living species are fairly clear (males have the weapons or adornments, females don’t), and we can do…

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I am a lawyer in Chicago with interests in pop culture and current politics.
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