Trees Part 2

Trees Part 2

Trees Part 2

Wondering about wonders in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
Right around the time the ancient Greeks were putting the finishing touches on their ill-fated wonder of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes, Sanghamitta set off from India on a mission to propagate the teachings of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. With her, she brought a sapling created from a cutting of the fig tree that Buddha sat under when he attained enlightenment. The little bodhi tree, with its heart-shaped leaves, took root in its new home in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s ancient, bustling capital. Although the center of power shifted, it’s plain to see that the tree, called Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, was never abandoned — today, it is surrounded by a shrine, thousands of candles, its long branches supported by ornate brass limb-holders, the ground beneath it carpeted in flowers. At over 2,300 years, it is the oldest tree in existence with a recorded planting date.

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