Trees Part 1

Trees Part 1

Trees Part 1

The oldest living creatures on Earth — the trees of the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest — have thrived for millennia in the frigid, stark air of the perennially snow-capped White Mountains in eastern California. The gnarled and twisted grandfather of them all, Methuselah, has survived in this harsh climate for over 4,767 years (outliving his biblical namesake by nearly four millennia). Nothing like ordinary, ubiquitous pine trees, the bristlecone pines possess the look of weathered sages. After examining the cones, visitors are asked to place them right back where they found them to preserve the integrity of this treasured natural habitat. On the way down, park your car along the White Mountain Road at a safe spot to enjoy the piercing wind and the view of the grand Sierra Nevada on the other side of Owens Valley.

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I am a lawyer in Chicago with interests in pop culture and current politics.
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